Cabo Pulmo offers a wide range of activities for those who want to get out of their hammocks and explore the land and sea. The list includes hiking, biking (bring your own), swimming, snorkling, Scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, bird-watching, and exploring the surrounding area.

A Tropical Village By The Sea
- The main village of Cabo Pulmo is designed to feel like the South Seas. Palm-thatched roofs and low-rise construction provide a soft and secluded environment. Our home is back from the beach where the properties are more spacious and more private than they are near the ocean.

Panorama Of The Bay - Cabo Pulmo is named after the Cape in the far distance that forms the northern extent of a five-mile long bay, the southern end of which is La Serena where this photo is taken from. "Pulmo" is from the same root as "pulmonary", the main artery to the lungs. Pulmo means "breath" or "wind" referring to the northerly winds that make this coast a windsurfing Mecca in the winter months.

La Serena (Dinosaur Egg Beach) - Nobody seems to know how these thousands of egg-shaped rocks gathered here. They are a color of granite not seen anywhere nearby, a mystery that is millions of years old.

The Desert Blooms Year-Round - At first sight the dry landscape seemed stark compared to our British Columbia rainforest. But after a short time we fell in love with the profusion of tropical blossoms and the great variety of herbs, shrubs and trees.

One Fish, Two Fish...... One of the things that really clinched it for us was when we first saw the variety and colors of fish on the reef off Cabo Pulmo. We have always been avid snorkelers and this was about as good as it gets.

Hike over the trail that the locals have carved out of the hills behind Cabo Pulmo. Extreme mountain bike folks do this but lesser mortals should walk. The views are fantastic, you might get a little lost, but not hopelessly so. About 3 hours. If you just go to the summit and backtrack it is only 2 hours.

A Field of Damiana Flowers, Used to Produce a Flavored Liqueur for Margaritas

Drive south to Miraflores and into the mountains at Boca de la Sierra (Mouth of the Mountains). Local directions are needed to hike into this gorgeous canyon where kids of all ages can leap into cool freshwater pools and explore the winding valley. Rated Five-Star picnicking location.

Visit La Ribera and Los Barrilles to the north. This is a great day-trip to see new country and visit the wind-surfing mecca of Los Barrilles. You can take the slower, scenic coastal dirt road or the paved road inland. A great excuse for a drive.